Vice Chancellorís Message on the eve of Website Launching :

"The new millennium is characterized by unprecedented remarkable changes in the fields of knowledge, information and communication technology. I am immensely joyous on the occasion of launching of the website of our University. It stands as I always believe that 'where there is a will, there is a way'. From this moment our University is open to global community. Now the entire world keenly watches us and look for our qualitative work. Launching of our website enhances our responsibility. Let us rededicate ourselves to the expectations and aspirations of the society. I hope and wish that University with all of your enthusiasm, strength and commitment would make a significant contribution towards the advancement of knowledge to build up this region of our country and globe. Our way of nurturing the University makes it as one of the premier institutions in the years to come".

I conclude with the words of Robert Frost 'We have miles to go and promises to keep'.

With Best wishes

(Prof.H.Lajipathi Rai)